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Welcome to Phoenix Cleaning Services

Phoenix is one of the largest commercial cleaning service providers for all corporate establishment's i.e.  House ,Flat,Office,Hospitals, Hotels, Institutions, Super Markets, Airports, Malls, Educational Institutions, IT parks, Heritage & High Rise Buildings, Multiplexes etc. The services include glass cleaning and floor cleaning

Phoenix provides special cleaning services for your Sofaset ,Mattress ,Carpet etc.

Our AutoCare wing provide 100 % paint protection (Teflon / Polymer) for your Vehicle, and we provide Car Interior Cleaning also in affordable rates.

Phoenix provides a superior cleaning service that reduces the effect on the environment while impacting positively on your business's image. This public image is enhanced through responsible environmental behavior and an interest in employee health. We recognize that our success depends on the people who respect us.

We customize our package to our client needs while ensuring the highest level of environmental sustainability.The cleaning machinery, equipment and consumables we use effectively reduce dust, noise emissions, chemical waste and energy use.


Our Specialisations

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Why choos us.?

Phoenix is a fully professional commercial building cleaning company in India that specializes in the cleaning of all commercial spaces such as office buildings, schools, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Our comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services set us apart from other cleaning companies in India, and our prices and customer service make hiring us the best choice available in India. The benefits of hiring a professional building cleaning services will help save money spent in purchasing and maintenance of cleaning equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, as our staff brings along all the requisite equipment of cleaning services. You will also be saving your precious time and money as you will not be required to hire and train employees for cleaning. Commercial building cleaning services provided by Phoenix facilitate a variety of tasks to keep your commercial space looking spotless and neat.

·         Removal of Cobwebs & dry/wet cleaning of walls

·         Cleaning of window panes & window channels

·         Dusting of furniture & household appliances*

·         Disinfecting of bathrooms & toilets

·         Vacuum cleaning of sofa/chairs, matrices

·         Manual scrubbing of flooring